Pharmaceutical industry (Medicine)
Food processing industry

     Installation provides sanitary and hygienic norms premises

     "UFOZON 159"                                         " UFOZON 2099"

 it is the basic apparatus to the leaders the food and pharmaceutical industry in the country


Ø  microbiological purity:

      of air, surfaces, cavities

      by the standards of GMP, IS...

Ø  disinfection premises (moth, flies, mosquitoes...);

Ø  deratization premises (mice, rats...);

Ø  deodorization premises from any odors.

Technical and operational characteristics


"UFOZON 159"

" UFOZON 2099"

Execution by UV radiation Closed (inside the case)

+ +

The concentration of ozone in the room when operating the installation

* no more than 1.5 mg / m 3.

Performance by volume premises

up to 100 m3/hr

. to 1000 m3/hr

Bactericidal efficiency - indoors at single treatment

60 90%.

Bactericidal efficacy of indoors

with the regular processing of up to 100%.

The effectiveness of deratization, disinfection, deodorization

with the regular processing of up to 100%.

Manage your time for the work:

       automatic mode

       manual mode


programmable timer

no restrictions .


Timer 1 min. ... 999 min.

no restrictions.

yclicity of  operation

without restrictions.

Guaranteed resources UV lamps

5 thousand hours.

Working resource of the UV lamp

more than 10 thousand hours.

Expendable materials


Climatic working conditions:

       range of temperatures

       humidity - relative and prolonged

       humidity short-term, for the period processing


(0 - + 40) .

to 90%.

to 99%.

Electrical power

220 V, 50 Hz, 180W.

220 V, 50 Hz, 700W.

Overall dimensions LxWxH cm, weight

1000200270mm3,  7.5 kg

1060580750 mm3,  32 kg


Certificate of conformity POCC RU.AB10.B00682

Expert opinion 11-1027-EZ

Guarantee / Price incl. 18% VAT

1 year. / 126 000 rubles .

1 year. / 356 000 rubles.




* Processing

should be without people with switched off ventilation and windows closed and doors.

Entrance to the premises 3 hours after shutdown "Ufozon".

After airing the room, or if necessary, allowed input without restrictions.



         in production: providing health and hygiene standards shop floor and warehouses, tank. laboratories .....

         in the home, offices and institutions: saunas, swimming pools, showers, sports halls, apartments, cottages ....


Producer: "NPF Medvedica" - 20 years of impeccable reputation


141980 Dubna, Moscow Region. St. Michurina, 31, of. 9

mobile. +7 (916) 678-3880, Dubna / fax +7 (49621) 4-5862


OZONE technologies

Now we can claim that traditional methods of procuring productions cleanness (disinfectant solution, bactericidal irradiators, aerosol spray) have reached its limits. Enterprises labor and financial costs on solving problem place a heavy burden on their activity, risks of equipments damage made by applicable preparations are high too.

The intense worldwide development of ozones application, as an exceptional effective and ecologically clean natural antiseptic, has begun against the background of explicit crisis of traditional means.

However, in spite of the huge success of ozone technologies, we shouldnt exclude traditional methods. There are lots of local tasks where its application is rational. But if we talk about processing of premises, which space is about hundreds or thousands cbm including equipment which is there, priority is undeniable. Permeation ability of gas ozone-air mixture considerably exceeds permeation ability of any liquid, even as aerosol, and, as is well known, cavities and crevices are main sources of microbiology supply through air in working area. Financial costs abruptly decrease because ozone generator is acquired once and for a long time, it doesnt need any expendables, it is cheap in exploitation.

Ozone generators, in which ozone is created by action of an electric discharge, have got a most proliferation. Such generators are very economical, have little size and weight.

But there is another practically applicable way of obtaining ozone - by action of special lamps optical radiation. Its interesting that there is a 254 nm part in spectrum of such lamps optical radiation (like in UV). Impact is combined: ozone and bactericidal UV. Such optical ozone generators has few worse specific characteristics on energy consumption, size and weight, but, if it isnt critical, advantages become decisive in choice. For optical generators advantages are steady and effective work at any humidity (cheese production), there is no much nitric acid and ozone concentration isnt reduced, in view of combine impact on environment, what is important for thin impact on environment and for thin and precision equipment.

Installations UFOZON 159 and  UFOZON 2099 are exactly related to optical generators which are developed, upgraded and produced by LLC NPF Medvedica. Installations have proven itself for 20 years in numerous consumers as unpretentious, exclusively effective and reliable, convenient in use.

Noteworthy, there was no case of bad impact on equipment over 20 years.




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